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Meet the Artist: Inner_about

Illustrator, Writer, Movie and Monster Enthusiast


After two decades of freelance experience as an artist and illustrator, Josh is developing his own projects for publication. His first, Monsters: Where Are They Now?, combines his love of art, storytelling, movies, monsters and general silliness. Josh's love of movies also inspired his other current project, the YouTube channel Drawing Conclusions.  


Josh has been drawing since he was a toddler and  refined his skills through instruction at the Art Institute of Phoenix and American River College, as well as thousands of hours of practice. He enjoys learning from other artists and is continuously honing his craft in multiple mediums. Through his work, he seeks to make the world a funnier, more beautiful and more interesting place. 


Josh lives in the Sacramento area with his greatest loves -- his wife, Jessica and their five children. When he's not drawing or watching movies, you can find him playing video games, having Nerf gun fights with his kids, or making great barbecue. 

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