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Meet the Monsters: Inner_about


Movie Star, Office Manager and Dad

Jim rocketed to international stardom with the release of the horror film classic Alien in 1979. A laid-back midwesterner raised in Springfield, Illinois, the sudden notoriety and frenetic pace of Hollywood was a shock to his system, but Jim has always managed to stay out of trouble and keep his ego in check.

Jim's career has waxed and waned over the years, leading him to return to a 9 to 5 grind working as an office manager. However, Jim has continued his involvement in the Alien franchise, lending his voice to video games, thrilling fans at comic conventions, and recently getting back in front of the camera for Alien: Covenant

Jim has been married to his wife Karen since 2001, and they are the proud parents of two sons, J.J. and Scott, and one daughter, Ellen.  



Shakespearean Actor Turned Action Star

Although most well-known for his role as the intelligent, extra-terrestrial hunter, Bill Predator is proudest of his work on the stage, in particular his turn as Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in London. Born Bill Kowalski in Santa Barbara, California, this phenomenal talent honed his craft at UCLA before thrilling audiences on the stages from LA to New York. Discovered during his run in an off-Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Bill soon captured the hearts of a whole new set of fans with his explosive performance in 1987's Predator. Bill's last entry in the Predator series was a small role in Predators (2010), and he has since returned to his first love -- the stage. 

A true Southern California kid, Bill loves to surf and relax at the beach. He has one son, Mercutio with his ex-wife Delphine, the well-known avant-garde performance artist. Bill continues to connect with his fans at conventions, often appearing with his best friend, Jim Alien. 

Meet the Monsters: Inner_about


Overcoming His Daddy Issues

Frank Frankenstein is one of the most iconic monsters in Hollywood, having appeared in dozens of live-action and animated films. Along with Count Dracula, Wolf Man and the Mummy, he is one of the founding fathers of monster movies and has served as a mentor and role model for many of those who followed in his gigantic footsteps. 

Like his cinematic counterpart, Frank had a troubled relationship with his father. This unresolved conflict eventually led to erratic behavior, addiction and broken relationships, but after years of therapy, Frank has finally put those demons to rest. Frank now shares his inspirational recovery story at speaking engagements all over the world and through his New York Times Bestseller, Fire Bad



Terminator's His Name, Killing Humanity's His Game

Assembled in Detroit, Ed barreled his way into our national consciousness as a defensive end for the University of Michigan. He went on to play for the Oakland Raiders from 1975-1982, before turning his attention to acting. Ed had a few bit parts in TV shows before his breakout starring role in The Terminator (1984). 

Ed's acting career largely stalled after Terminator 2, due to the increased use of CGI as well as reported unprofessional behavior on set. He was known to frequently threaten and intimidate cast and crew members when his demands weren't met. There are also persistent rumors about  his connection to the missing person cases of several craft services workers who disappeared while working on The Terminator films. 

In recent years, Ed has reemerged into the public arena first as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and next  when he threw his hat into the ring as a candidate for president in 2016. Since his defeat, he has been making the rounds on cable news shows and entertaining his social media followers with curmudgeonly posts and tweets.  

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