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Family Influence

This is Josh's wife, Jessica. I'm helping Josh run his website and am checking in today to give you a little more insight into the creator of Monsters: Where Are They Now?

The Barker Family 1984 -- Josh is the 4th Son

Josh has been drawing pretty much since he could hold a pencil. He comes from a family of artists (except his dad, who always says the only thing he can draw is flies), so this isn't really surprising. Art is in Josh's blood. But how did Josh come to love monsters and comics so much? Well, we have his family to thank for that as well.

Rich and Josh

Josh's oldest brother Richard has always been one of his biggest heroes. Rich read comic books and drew monsters and so Josh did too. And it's really as simple as that. So when Josh's mom bemoans that Josh never draws anything "nice", she should really direct those complaints to her number one son. But whereas Rich moved on and works in business, Josh has never outgrown his love of monsters and comics. Fortunately for Josh, he has a wife who doesn't mind -- in fact, I love it! (Except for when Josh talks me into watching scary movies with him -- I'm a chicken!)

We've discovered the foundation of Josh's love of art, comics and monsters, but why is he so motivated now to get his work out to the rest of the world? Well, that has to do with his family too, but with the family that the two of us have created together. Josh loves these five little monsters and wants to do everything he can to take care of them. And he wants to set an example for them of hard work, determination and developing your talents to pursue your dreams and to do good things.

So really, this is all about family. We'd love to hear from you how your family has been a positive influence in your life. Share with us in the comments!

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